Upgrade CentOS 5 to 5.6

Sunday, April 10th, 2011 12:59PM UTC

All CentOS 5.5 nodes, servers and instances will beĀ upgradedĀ to CentOS 5.6 on April 16th from 10:30p EDT to 11:45PM EDT. This will affect all VPS customers since the nodes themselves are also being upgraded. Downtime is expected to be no more than 15 minutes per instance. Details on the changes to CentOS 5 can be found here on the CentOS web site:


Overall the upgrade is a minor one, but want to keep our CentOS 5 installs on the latest version. Hopefully CentOS 6 (same as RedHat 6) will soon be released offering some much needed updates to core packages.

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