What does the Email I received mean?

Your mailbox is protected by Empowering Media's anti-spam service to keep out unsolicited Email. The Email delivered was believed to be spam by our service. If the spam Email was delivered to your mailbox, it is attached in its original format.

Why was a legitimate Email marked as spam?

An Email marked with the Subject: ***SPAM*** is part of our second level of spam testing. The Email is believed to be spam by our filtering software. While our system accurately marks most spam, it is not 100% correct so legitimate Email may be falsely marked. If you believe that an Email was falsely marked as spam, please report this to abuse.

I received spam that wasn't marked?

Help us improve our spam filtering software by reporting unmarked spam. Submit spam to abuse. If you are using emwebmail.com, you can submit spam by clicking on the link Report as Spam when viewing an Email.

How can I filter ***SPAM*** Emails?

If you are using an Email client, you can move these Emails into another folder to view later. Visit KB article 00090 for more information.

More Information

Do not report spam that has already been marked as spam by our service.