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What Are Your DNS Name Servers?


The customer needs to point to Empowering Media's name servers (DNS) in order for the domain name to map to their web site.


Login to your domain name registrar and update your domain name with the information listed below. If unsure of the changes needed to make for your domain name, please contact support and supply your registrar's login information to your domain. When updating your domain name, please include all four DNS servers.

Server Name IP Address Location
First ns1.empoweringmedia.net North Virginia
Second ns2.empoweringmedia.net Long Island, NY
Third ns3.empoweringmedia.net Dallas, TX
Fourth ns4.empoweringmedia.net Long Island, NY

If you wish to hide the fact we are hosting your web site (primarily used by resellers), please use the DNS servers listed below.

Server Name IP Address Location
First ns1.hosted-sites.net North Virginia
Second ns2.hosted-sites.net Long Island, NY
Third ns3.hosted-sites.net Dallas, TX
Fourth ns4.hosted-sites.net Long Island, NY

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