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How Do I Move Spam Into Another Folder Using MS Outlook?


A large amount of Email coming in is marked as ***SPAM*** by your spam filter. How can I move it to another folder to view later.


You need to create a rule, follow these steps:

  1. From the Tools menu select Rules Wizard...
  2. Select the New... button
  3. Select "Check messages when they arrive" and select the Next button
  4. Next, check off the option "with specific Words in the subject"
  5. Select the "specific words" hyperlink below
  6. In the "Specify words or phrases to search for the subject" text field, enter ***SPAM*** (with no spaces)
  7. Press the OK button to continue
  8. Select the Next button
  9. Next, check off the option "move it to the specified folder"
  10. Select the "specified" hyperlink below
  11. Select the folder and/or create a new folder to place spam Emails.
  12. Press the OK button to continue
  13. Skip the "Add any exceptions" section by pressing the button Next
  14. Name the rule by entering the "Please specify a name for this rule:" text box
  15. Press the Finish button when completed.

For other Email clients that support rules, check for the message ***SPAM*** in the Subject: field

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