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I Can't Send Outgoing Mail Or Get "Relay Denied".


I can't send outgoing mail or get "relay denied". My ISP does not allow me to connect port 25 (SMTP) on your servers. I was at one time able to send outgoing Email through your servers. Email does not leave my computer and stays in my "Outbox" folder.


There are a number of issues that can cause this problem.

ISP doesn't allow outgoing Email (SMTP)
Many large ISP corporations have enacted a policy of blocking customers from using other mail relays to crack down on SPAM. However, the real result is to cause inconvenience to ISP customers who chose not to host their websites with their ISP. Therefore, if the company you get your internet access from has this policy, then you will be prevented from using our mail servers as your outgoing mailserver in your mail program settings. Either use their Email server or change your Email to our alternate port of 2525 from the default port of 25.

Known ISPs who block remote SMTP Access

ISP Email Server
AltaVista Free Access email.1stup.com
AT&T WorldNet mailhost.worldnet.att.net
DCAnet postoffice.dca.net
EarthLink mail.earthlink.net
Microsoft's MSN smtp.email.msn.com
MindSpring smtp.mindspring.com
NetZero smtp.netzero.net
Optimum Online mail.optonline.net
Prodigy Internet smtp.prodigy.net
Sprynet smtp.sprynet.com
Verizon/GTE (Dial-Up) smtp.verizon.net

If you decide to use their mail server for outgoing Email please be aware we cannot track or monitor outgoing Emails for your account. Should you have delays or problems sending outgoing Email you must contact your ISP. Therefore we recommend changing your port from 25 to 2525 in order to use our network.

Our network blocks outgoing Email
If you are using our network for sending outgoing Email (mail.yourdomain.com) We support POP-Before-SMTP and SMTP AUTH. We recommend using SMTP AUTH because it is more reliable. Most Email applications SMTP AUTH option turned off. This option is usually labeled "My server requires SMTP authentication". This option needs to be set and use the same setting as your Email login.

If you are using our mailserver for sending outgoing mail and you do NOT have the authentication settings set properly, then you will not be able to send any email to any address that is not hosted by us. Sending mail to outside recipients will fail and you'll see an error message similar to:

Error: 554. Relay access denied. Mail could not be sent.
            Recipient address rejected.

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