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How Do I Ensure Outgoing Emails Will Be Sent With Microsoft Entourage?


How do I ensure outgoing Emails will be sent with Microsoft Entourage?


Our mail servers support two different methods to successfully authenticate when sending outgoing mail.

The first is called "POP-before-SMTP" based authentication. What this means it that you must check or read e-mail from a legitimate mail account on the mail server before you can send e-mail through the mail server. There is no additional setup required in Microsoft Entourage to use "POP-before-SMTP" authentication.

Another method of authentication, called "SMTP-AUTH", is also supported. This will allow Microsoft Entourage to authenticate directly against the outgoing mail server. On occassion, Microsoft Entourage will not correctly perform "POP-before-SMTP" authentication properly, in which case, using "SMTP-AUTH" may be necessary to ensure that outgoing e-mails are properly sent. To configure Microsoft Entourage for "SMTP-AUTH":
  1. From the Tools Menu, select Accounts, that brings up the Accounts Window.
  2. Double-click on the email account that is listed on the Mail Tab, that brings up the Edit Account Window.
  3. In the Account ID field, make certain that a full e-mail address is used (i.e. "mailbox@empoweringmedia.com" instead of just "mailbox").
  4. Click on the Click here for advanced sending options button under SMTP server.
  5. Check SMTP server requires authentication.
  6. Check Use same settings as receiving mail server. The window should look as follows:

    Microsoft Enoutrage SMTP-AUTH settings

  7. Save/Apply these settings and SMTP-AUTH will now be enabled.
  8. .

Generally, if you are able to receive e-mail, you should be able to send it. Make sure that you have read mail from one of your e-mail accounts shortly before sending mail. If Microsoft Entourage, or any other mail client, insists on sending a message before checking your mailbox(es), try opening your outbox and taking any messages out of the pending send queue by double clicking on them. In Microsoft Entourage, if a message in your outbox is italic, it is scheduled to be sent during the next e-mail check. If it is not, you can later open that message and send it again. Remember, messages in the outbox have not been sent out to the mail server yet. They have only be queued for sending during the next message check. Mesages in the sent items folder, however, have actually been sent out and are kept in Entourage for your records. This method, however, is only useful when using "POP-before-SMTP" authentication only, and will have no effect on "SMTP-AUTH."

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