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I Have A HostCub Managed VPS/Server What Are My Options With DNS?


I have a managed VPS/server what are my options with DNS?


With the control panel DirectAdmin and a managed VPS/server, you have 4 options to choose from:
  1. Point ns1 and ns2 of your domain name to our existing name servers
    Advantage - They are on seperate networks and dedicated servers. These are seperate from your control panel VPS/server. Updates within the control panel automatically transfer to these name servers on an hourly basis.
    Disadvantage - reverse DNS and other DNS info may Empowering Media as the provider
  2. Use ns1 and ns2.hosted-sites.net that have private whois info.
    Advantage - These hide who the provider is and already map to our name servers. No additional setup is needed on your part. Just plug them in to any domain you wish to host with us
    Disadvantage - Like option 1 may reveal details of Empowering Media
  3. Use the name service available on the control panel, which is disabled by default
    Advantage - DNS updates are done real-time
    Disadvantage - no redundancy with DNS. Should your VPS/server fail, DNS will be unavailable for your domain.
  4. Host DNS with a third party service
    Advantage - completely seperate from our network
    Disadvantage - separate from the control panel and creation of accounts within the control panel. DNS must match up to what's setup in the control panel and this is a manual process.

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